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Five Years On: Donate to the Syria Crisis Fund

The Canadian Red Cross is a member of the Imagine Canada Ethical Code Program.

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Provide Immediate Help

The Canadian Red Cross is transparent, open and accountable in reporting how your donations are used to make a difference to those in need. 

Empower Volunteers

Our large network of trained volunteers — along with generous donations  helps ensure we can deploy services quickly even in conflict zones.

Donate to the Syria Crisis Fund

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Yes, I Want to Support Syria Relief.

Your donation to one of the world's leading humanitarian organizations will go directly to providing urgent relief for those affected by the Syria crisis. 

The Canadian Red Cross was the only charity to receive an A+ in every category of Money Sense's 2013 Canadian Charity Rating Report. We always strive to ensure donations are your contribution will go further with the Red Cross.

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Donate With Confidence

Your donation is a real encouragement to our teams in the field. Thanks to you, we can help more victims of conflict, in places that others cannot reach. We provide them with effective, efficient and high-quality services appropriate to their  needs. Thank you for your generosity.

In June 2014, in cooperation with the Syrian Red Cross:

  • Food assistance for over 470,000 people
  • Essential household items for 105,000 internally displaced people
  • Water delivered by tanker trucks to 100,000 people
  • Health treatment for 300 seriously injured people in areas controlled by both sides

Why Donate to the Red Cross?

The ongoing Syria crisis has left over millions of Syrians unable to provide for their family’s basic needs including food, water and health care. 

Humanitarian assistance has now become a lifeline for millions of Syrians. 

Your support will help the Red Cross Movement meet the growing humanitarian needs of those refugees.