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Your donation to one of the world's leading humanitarian organization will go directly to providing education and tools to Saskatchewan youth to help them deal with bullying issues.

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You donation helps train and equip youth leaders with skills, tools, and resources to make a positive change in their communities.

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The Canadian Red Cross is transparent, open and accountable in reporting how your donations are used to make a difference to those in need.

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Help keep kids safe from bullying

“When I was harassed and bullied, I still remember the things that were said... and how it made me feel... those [were] much more damaging and permanent [than] any physical harm.”
- Adam

“This presentation reinforced bullying is more than just physical aggression. I like the emphasis on the emotional aspects as well.  The bystander has the potential to positively or negatively affect each bullying situation.”
- Grade 6 teacher

Last year, the Red Cross taught 68,000 people how to recognize, respond to and prevent bullying.

The Red Cross trains youth to speak to their peers. We also train Saskatchewan Roughriders players to speak to students, and we hold an annual awareness celebration, Red Cross Pink Day, which had over 75,000 participants last year!

We need your help so that we can reach every student with important tools and information about bullying.

provides bullying prevention tools and education for one student  

provides online bullying prevention training for an educator or other ‘helping adult’ in a community or school

provides bullying prevention tools and education for one classroom

will train one teacher to reach hundreds 





Bullying is having a devastating impact on our kids and in our communities.

All kids deserve a safe environment free from bullying, whether it’s in school, on the playground, or online.

Currently, the Red Cross reaches one in three Saskatchewan students each year with education, training and tools on how to stop bullying behaviour. Our bullying prevention program is based on Canadian research, it links with school curriculums, and it has the support of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education.

We have a plan to educate and equip ALL Saskatchewan students with the tools and information they need to prevent bullying.

But we need your help getting that information into the hands of kids.

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1 in 3

students say they've been bullied by another person

3 in 4

people say bullying has affected them

1 in 3

Saskatchewan students currently receive anti-bullying resources by the Red Cross